SiteWorks Media Demo CD
SiteWorks Media:
This Interactive CD-ROM serves as a demo disc and demonstrates all the unique functions that can be built into a single 650 megabit CD or larger 4.2 Gig DVD...
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Greater Portland Chiropractic:
This Interactive CD was used as a promotional / informational CD for patients and potential patients to understand the importance of good Chiropractic Care.
Careers In The Fire Service:
This Interactive CD presented the promotion of a Career in the Fire Service. It also has a companion video tape with additional video on how fire trucks and ladder trucks are built. This disc and tape was used as a promotional donation project.
Great Inns of Maine:
This Interactive CD highlighted the Inns and Bed & Breakfast lodges in the State of Maine. As many as 200 Inns & B&B's were featured on this disc. Some B&B's with video and audio presentations.
Shannon Woods:
This Interactive CD was a demo for one of the best custom home builders in the State of Maine. There were many features on this disc that brought out the true quality of the custom home builder.
Allied Home Mortgage:
This Interactive CD was produced as an information demo for representatives to give to their clients. Many links allowed the representative to be contacted directly with inquires about home mortgages.
The Shipyard:
This Micro-Brewery and restaurant chain had several businesses they wanted to promote and needed one vehicle to promote all of them. The disc featured the different restaurants, labeled beers, clothing line and take-out services.
Town of Scarborough:
This Interactive CD was produced for the Planning Department to demonstrate how an interactive CD could be used to inform future developers about the rules and ordinances governing building in the Town of Scarborough.
MaineDirect, Inc.:
This Interactive CD was used to sell over 100 products  to customers nationwide. Nationally, there were thousands of these disc distributed by independent dealers and representatives who received a percentage of each sale.
This national Internet insurance quote company elected to send this CD to their customers. It informed was transferred using audio and video presentations. They also advertised over 200 independent insurance companies with web addresses.
Got A Will?...:
This disc is offered for sale through an interactive website. Over 24.000 visited the "Got A Will?..." interactive website last year. The CD included a number of important forms for a complete estate plan.  There are over 21 audio and video presentations to help with filling out the forms.
Bed & Breakfast CD's:
These two interactive CD's were produced for an innkeeper who owned two B&B's. He needed a way to present his inns to customers after the initial contact. Also he needed to present the additional services,such as wedding and banquet facilities that just couldn't get  through to potential customers with a phone call or on the Internet sites he had. Many audio and video presentations were included.
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This Web site designed & hosted by Phil Maynard @ 2013
This Web site designed & hosted by Phil Maynard @ 2013
This Web site designed & hosted by Phil Maynard @ 2013
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