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Phil Maynard started his video production career 25 years ago by working for a small, independent video production company in the sales department. During his "video production education" period, he had the opportunity to observe and participate in all stages of development and production of a video, right through to completion of the final edit.

After going into business for himself in 1993 in Charlotte NC, he immediately set up shop with a focus on producing "How-To" videotape series. He produced two consecutive successful series: “The Spirit of Cross Stitch” which was a 14 videotape series and “Woodcarving with Tom Wolfe” which was a 5 videotape series. He marketed both successfully.

During that same period, Phil also produced three (3) 13-episodes television series. “The American Angler” which aired nationally on ESPN2, “The Spirit of Cross Stitch” which aired nationally on PBS, and “The American Home Tour” that aired locally (ABC and NBC affiliates) in Charlotte NC.

Additionally, Phil has been responsible of creating successful :30, :60, & :120 seconds direct response television commercials for outside companies. Phil has also produced 60-seconds commercials and a 30-minute infomercial for his own company, “Total Comfort Sleep System” which aired nationally. This infomercial was ranked 14th place in the top grossing infomercial's from Direct Response Magazine for the year 1998.

Phil’s strengths lie in the concept, writing, producing, and marketing of his productions and his customers’ productions to niche markets. Having gained his knowledge through firsthand experience in both production and marketing, he has attained success in everything he has produced. Phil spent a number of years in the teaching profession prior to getting into video production, so sharing what he sees in the camera lens, and translating that into video comes second nature to him.

Phil’s list of achievements in his field include creating several specialty single videos, developing and completing successful multiple-video “How-To” series: (The Spirit of CrossStitch/ 14 videos and WoodCarving with Tom Wolfe/ 6 videotapes). He produced and directing the pilot program “Creative Living With Charles Craft” that went on to become a 13 episode television series. He produced and marketing three (3) of his own programs. Three full 13-episode television programs: (“The American Angler: / ESPN, “The American Home Tour” and “Spirit of CrossStitch” / PBS) and developed and produced his own infomercial: “The Total Comfort Sleep System” plus multiple direct response commercials for numerous clients nationally and internationally.

The changeover to CD-ROM from strictly video presentations came when a client asked Phil if he could do an interactive CD-ROM and place video on it for the marketing of his bed and breakfast inns. Knowing that the technology existed to do this, Phil elected to take it one step further and program the interactive CD to automatically take the viewer to the clients’ website and e-mail. Phil was successful and decided that his express mission would become interactive CD-ROM that incorporated audio, video, Internet websites, e-mail and document retrieval and printing.

In January of 2000, Phil moved to Maine. The move to Maine was the best move Phil and his wife ever made. “The only thing I feel bad about when I think about our move to Maine is that we didn't do it 20 years ago", Phil says. Phil moved here to be semi-retired and pursue new interests in computers. Phil’s immediate mission was to produce interactive CD-ROMs. After developing the skills necessary to produce quality computer-generated graphics and computer programming, Phil produced an interactive CD-ROM with a do-it-yourself “Will”. That CD has grown into a full line of legal forms on CD plus a complete marketing plan which includes a television commercial, radio commercials, videotape, printed e-booklet, and an extremely successful web site. (Our web site has exceeded 22,000 hits in less than a year). The name of this Will website campaign is “Got A Will?…” ( There are several additional interactive CD-ROMs Phil has produced in the “Be Legal For Life” series but for the present his task is to brand and market the “Got A Will?” interactive CD-ROM along with it’s up-sale products. (
After becoming extremely proficient in the development of Interactive CD’s, Phil now has set his sights on interactive Flash websites and the making of DVD's. “Websites today are static. It’s time for the next generation of website development. Audio and video presentations are available and affordable to the average website owner today. Everyone has a message they want to share with a potential client. I want to help them do just that…” Phil says.
January of 2010 Update...
It's amazing how time flies. Phil has come full circle. He is now looking at producing another series of television shows. The show theme is classic cars. The show name, "The rock n Roll Classic Car Show" "Our American Dream Machines". It's due to be aired in taped starting in May or June of this year. Additionally, Phil has become proficient at developing interactive websites. He has a few of his own up and operating and some for clients. Again Phil's focus is on his own work now and believe me he has enough to do.

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WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)
WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)
WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)
WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)
WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)
WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)
WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)WoodCarving With Tom Wolfe, Six (6)
Spirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape SeriesSpirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape Series
Spirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape SeriesSpirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape SeriesSpirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape Series
Spirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape SeriesSpirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape SeriesSpirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape SeriesSpirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape Series
Spirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape SeriesSpirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape SeriesSpirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape Series
Spirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape SeriesSpirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape Series
Spirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape Series
Spirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape SeriesSpirit of Cross Stitch, A 14-Tape Series
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               SiteWorks Website Design is a company with experience across most sectors of CD-ROM, DVD, and INTERACTIVE FLASH WEBSITE design plus VIDEO and AUDIO development creation. We consider our unique all-in-one preparation and presentation ability an opportunity and advantage for our clients. Once the initial information is gathered by SiteWorks from the client, the client can get on with their business and leave the creative, preparation and implication of the multi-media presentations to us.

E-commerce Solution
We can provide a state-of-the-art shopping cart and ecommerce solution that is very affordable, highly customizable and rich with features that can be incorporated into any website design.

Direct Email Marketing Services
Aggressively drive traffic to your website with a direct marketing campaign, one of our most cost-effective marketing services. Pay for the set-up and template and you can reach your customer base with direct email marketing for years to come.

Graphic Design and Illustration
We started in the corporate video production, graphic design arena providing corporate identity, literature, direct mail, advertising, POS, packaging, etc. We realize that to stand out in today's crowded market you need high-impact graphic design and eye-catching visuals.

Flash Website Design
We specialize in providing high impact Flash animation for use in web sites, wallpapers and screensaver, or delivered offline on CD-R or DVD.

Professional WordSmithing
WordSmithing is an insider term used to describe production of a script. Many times a client knows his or her business better than anyone does. However, they have problems putting what they do, and how they do it, into words.

Or… what they do and how they do it escapes them but is seen by us. For the web it’s crucial to get your message across quickly and clearly. Often overlooked by our clients is that carefully structured copy on a web page ensures search engines are picking you up on the phrases you use and need.

What We Do…
Graphic Design
With so many competing images in today's marketplace you need to ensure your company stands out from the crowd. Clearly communicated visuals across both printed and digital media is important in keeping your brand or service consistently represented to your target consumer. From pre-brief planning of your objectives through to concept and visualization, artwork creation, production and fulfillment post analysis and follow up - we will work with you to ensure a successful resolution to your marketing needs.
Branding, Company ID, and Graphic Design

We provide a top-notch company identity graphic design service producing world-class logos for the small (and not so small) business. Typically we will produce up to 5 variations and from there narrow down your preferences.

Marketing and Publicity Literature
Well designed, striking and above all attention grabbing marketing and publicity literature is key to attracting new customers. At SiteWorks graphic design we have extensive experience in most sectors, producing contemporary visuals that demand attention.

SiteWorks has relationships with local printers and can assure you of the lowest prices for printing available.

Multimedia Design
When your message really demands attention we suggest a combination of audio and visual effects to create an interactive multimedia showcase of your product or service that can, literally if necessary, speak for itself.

Multimedia includes visuals, photos, sound, music, voice-overs, motion, animation and video and can be delivered on a variety of platforms such as websites, interactive CD-ROM, laptop sales presentations, screensavers, exhibitions and display, video demonstrations or standalone applications that are small enough to email to clients. Individual customization facilities can be built into the application.

Flash Website Design
Flash website design is one of our specialities and many of our prospective clients cite features of websites they’ve seen in the past: "we want something similar to that website!" is something we have got used to. Of course, each client is unique and we approach each project differently.
Skip Intro? Not likely - we use Flash to enhance websites, not just for the sake of decoration but to set the mood and establish exactly what your clients about to see and experience on your website. In our business it’s called “Eye Candy”

Multimedia on CDR/DVD
If you have high-resolution artwork, video, audio or a huge amount of products or information to distribute then you should consider CD-ROM or DVD. Prices can be lower than printed literature and have a far greater visual impact.

Sales Materials
Multimedia can be very effective for sales staff looking to impress:
1. Run a multimedia sales presentation from a laptop for one-on-one pitches or from a projector for larger demonstrations. Presentations can be customized by local area sales staff for individual meetings.

2. Use business card sized CD-ROM that include your website - a great leave behind.

Flash Animation
Part of our range of design services is cartoon illustration - this can be animated to great effect if necessary.

Although affordable, this service is fairly protracted so please allow a generous lead time.
“NEW…NEW” Flash Screensavers and Wallpaper
We can create custom downloadable Flash Wallpaper and Screensavers that not only animate but can feed in live information and images from your company - the ultimate branding experience.

Direct Email Marketing Services
Direct email marketing is the fastest, cheapest way to reach the most people in the shortest amount of time. Utilize direct email for:
1. Viral E-Marketing
2. Newsletters
3. E-cards
4. Announce Specials
5. Introduce new products
6. Keeping in touch
7. Send Brochure

Create rich media email campaigns with unlimited design, branding, and customization possibilities that get great results you can measure in real-time. Simply put - direct email marketing is the most cost-effective Customer Relationship Management tool available.

Capture your Customers
Turn website visitors into subscribers and those subscribers into paying customers with a simple sign-up form on your website.

E-Mail Capture and Company Info Distribution
Many customers find it beneficial to include an instant e-marketing delivery mechanism on their website - visitors enter an email address and they are sent a graphic email containing a summary of the services available as a permanent reference in their inbox. Marketing people also find this service useful if they wish to send information to a potential customer - a fraction of the time and cost of a letter.

Terms of the Contract
1. Having received a brief of requirements from The Client, either verbal or written, SiteWorks will produce a quotation detailing the work to be carried out. The Client must provide written confirmation that the quotation is acceptable by signing and returning a copy of the quotation. This will effectively form the basis of the contract.
2. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between SiteWorks and The Client. In making this agreement each party confirms that they have not relied on any inducement not recorded in this agreement.
Copyright and content
1. The Client MUST own copyright, or have reproduction rights, of all artwork, trade names, photographs, and other materials reproduced in The Client's project. The Client shall indemnify SiteWorks against any costs whatsoever in connection with the ownership of copyright or reproduction rights. The Client shall have full liability for the consequences of the contents of the printed literature, website or other project commissioned.
2. The Client's logos, artwork, graphics and photographs remain the copyright of The Client. Design, graphics and programming produced by SiteWorks remain the intellectual property of SiteWorks until full and final payment has been received.
3. All preliminary work carried out at The Client's request, whether experimentally or otherwise, shall be charged to The Client.
4. SiteWorks withholds the right to refuse publication of any content which it sees as being indecent, obscene or offensive towards others.
5. Proofs of all printed work may be submitted for The Client's approval and SiteWorks shall not be liable for errors not corrected by The Client in such proofs. The Client's alterations and additional proofs necessitated thereby shall be charged as additional charges. When style, type or layout is left to the judgement of SiteWorks, changes therefrom made by The Client shall be charged as additional charges. No responsibility will be accepted for any errors, including color variations, in proofs approved by The Client.

Web Site Design
1. SiteWorks will produce and publish temporarily on the SiteWorks web site a design proof for The Client's approval. The design copyright of the proof shall remain the sole property of SiteWorks. Use of the design in any respect without the express written permission of SiteWorks will constitute breach of copyright.
2. SiteWorks will complete the design and build of The Client's web site after receiving written confirmation that the design proof is satisfactory.
3. SiteWorks will release Web Site code and graphics when payment of the final invoice for the outstanding quotation value is received in full.
4. Once SiteWorks has received written confirmation that the design proof is satisfactory, modifications to the design specification will be considered an amendment to the contract. All modifications must be confirmed in writing.
5. Our consultancy service and general advice is, by its nature, subjective. It is up to The Client whether they decide to follow our ideas and suggestions. We cannot guarantee that any of those ideas and suggestions will increase traffic to The Client's web site, improve ratings with search engines or boost sales.

Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting
1. SiteWorks will register domain names in The Client's name. In doing this, SiteWorks are acting as The Client's agent with the appropriate Naming Authority. The contract of registration is between The Client and them and their terms and conditions (available on request) bind The Client.
2. Registration is for two years unless otherwise agreed. Although we will do our best to renew the registration for you, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure this happens so please keep a note of the date.
3. SiteWorks will advise The Client on the most appropriate and cost-effective web site-hosting package supplied by a third party. The website-hosting contract is between The Client and their terms and conditions (available on request) bind the hosting company and The Client.
4. The Client takes all risks in connection with the solvency and performance of such third parties and The Client accepts that the third party has sole liability to provide such services.

The Client shall be responsible for effecting all necessary insurance in respect of any loss, damage, or expense that it may suffer directly or indirectly in relation to the provision or non-provision of SiteWorks' goods and services.

Force DaJeure
SiteWorks shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its contractual obligations as a result of war, flood, storm, riot, fire, accident, civil commotion, acts of god, government action, failure of power supply, equipment failure, lock out, strike (not likely!), default or failure of subcontractor or suppliers or any other cause beyond its reasonable control and SiteWorks shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense suffered by The Client or any third party arising directly or indirectly from any such matters.

Invoicing, Payment and Tender Validity
1. Payment for design services must (unless otherwise agreed with SiteWorks) be made as follows: 30% (or an agreed deposit) with order, plus balance on completion. Design modifications will be a charged at the prevailing hourly rate dependant on type of service required.
2. Payment shall be made in American Dollars to SiteWorks. Payments are due within 14 days of presentation of invoice. If due to bank charges, transfer fees, or the like, SiteWorks should receive less than its invoice amount, SiteWorks will re-invoice The Client for the shortfall. In the event that any amount remains unpaid 14 days after invoice date, SiteWorks reserves the rights to discontinue, withhold, or suspend services to The Client to whom such unpaid amounts relate.
3. In accordance with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998 interest will be charged on all payments received outside of payment terms at the rate of 2% above base rate. All charges incurred by SiteWorks due to late payment or checks that require representing or fees required to recover debts will be passed onto The Client.
4. Tenders and Quotes are valid for 60 days from the date of the Tender or Quote. All prices quoted may be subject to change without notice after this period.
5. Once SiteWorks has undertaken a commission for services, a cancellation fee of up to 75% will apply if the contract is terminated through no fault of SiteWorks. An interim invoice will also be levied for up to 75% of the total quotation value if the commissioned project's content is not received within 60 days of commission.

1. SiteWorks cannot be held liable for any information contained within The Client's web site or printed literature. The content of such remains the copyright and intellectual property of The Client. The Client is liable for any reasonable legal costs incurred by SiteWorks caused by the content of The Client's web site or other project and agrees to indemnify SiteWorks for any awards made by a court of law.
2. Search Engine entry and ranking can in no way be guaranteed, as this remains the sole discretion of a third party search engine provider.
3. No liability will be accepted for compatibility issues with code or any errors, omissions or failings of software code produced.
4. Where in the instance that a time scale / schedule has been given, SiteWorks will not be responsible for any money lost to The Client if the deadline is not met.
5. On completion of any web site it is the sole responsibility of The Client to manage the site. SiteWorks will no longer be responsible for the site upon completion unless an alternative agreement has been reached.
6. Should SiteWorks waive any of these terms on an individual basis, this shall not affect the validity of remaining clauses or commit SiteWorks to waive the same clause on any other occasion.
7. This contract shall be subject to English Law. Where it is held that SiteWorks is not entitled to rely on any term in this contract, then SiteWorks may also be allowed to cancel all rights and obligations under this contract, or to hold all other clauses as valid entirely at their sole discretion.
8. SiteWorks reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

These terms have been drawn up under legal advice principally to protect SiteWorks from bad debts and the compensation culture - we are generally agreeable, understanding and flexible and will be unlikely to strictly enforce these terms and conditions with clients that are also honest, agreeable, understanding and flexible.

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